Lock & Key | Consultation
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Whether you are opening a restaurant, rebranding your culinary company or require guidance to help you grow your business successfully, Lock & Key provides a variety of consultation services to bring innovative and fresh ideas to maximize your profits while maintaining your vision. We offer signature menu creations, tools to increase margins, kitchen design and operation, staff training, and direction in opening or relaunching your business. Through the guidance of experienced industry professionals, Lock & Key’s consultation services can provide strategic counsel and innovative solutions to achieve your business goals.




With more than 30 years combined experience in the culinary industry, the owners of Lock & Key use their experience, knowledge and resources to help clients build the value of their business. Their diverse experience of positions, from dishwasher to executive chef and server to floor manager, then to owners, provides Lock & Key with a holistic perspective and thorough understanding of the operations of a restaurant. From working in intimate restaurants to large-scale establishments in multiple countries, we have helped businesses grow, such as small soup and sandwich shops to sophisticated small plate dining restaurants and large scale casual dining. Lock and Key would love to contribute their seasoned experience and help you find tangible solutions to your unique establishment.




Signature Menus and Dishes

Are you changing your menu to emphasize the seasons or local, sustainable ingredients; or transitioning to incorporate the dietary desires of your patrons, such as veganism or gluten free? Lock & Key can create unique dishes to incorporate into your menu to provide variety to your diners, or full menus that align with your restaurant brand. We can refine your current menu to promote products and efficiency within the kitchen.


Kitchen Design

The design and layout of your kitchen can influence efficiency of service, interaction with staff and even the intrigue of your customers. Lock & Key can help you reorganize, renovate or initially design your kitchen before construction to uphold form and function. The design of the kitchen can further your business goals by effectively managing the demand of your restaurant in an organized and streamlined manner.


Kitchen Management

Effective management of your food costs, inventory and labour are fundamental to the success of your business. Small-scale and tailored changes to your operations can increase efficiency of kitchen management operations, and maximize profitability.


Staff Training

A cohesive team can make or break service, and your staff is an extension of your brand. Lock & Key will help your kitchen crew to hone their skills, learn new techniques and provide them with the confidence to work smoothly as a team. This will simplify operations, elevate moral and increase profitability for your business.


Opening or Relaunching

When launching or rebranding your business, there is a chance to set your operation protocols in place to maintain efficiency and uphold your brand from the start. Lock & Key will implement standards for kitchen management and operation that will guide staff successfully when launching your restaurant.


Advising on General Strategy

Do the above services not quite cover your circumstance? Take advantage of Lock & Key’s industry experience for recommendations and customized counsel for your business. We will provide a fresh perspective and advise solutions to compliment your restaurant.

The First Step


If this is of interest to you, please contact us via email regarding our consultation services.


Whether this is your first venture, or you are struggling with certain aspects of your operations, we will create an individual plan to guide you through the process. As our client, we will work with you one on one to provide solutions to grow your business, while recognizing your individual brand and unique perspective.


Lock & Key understands the stressful pace, long hours, customer needs and struggle of keeping good staff in the challenging landscape of hospitality. We are committed to providing individual support and innovative solutions to create an efficient and customized strategy to compete within this industry.